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Jack Russell Terrier in Poland

I live in Poland now and I like it:)


It’s been a while since my last post but quite a lot was going on. For example i just got a new home. That is right! I don’t live in London any more. Now I have nice and cosy house  in lesser Poland. With big garden, interesting neighbors (they bark a lot but after a while I noticed there is plenty to bark at;)) and stunning views at Tatra mountains, Babia Góra and much more. There is ski lift near by too. Seems very popular as many people comes around at this time of the year – means even more to bark at.

I have to say  I liked London and I’m missing friends I grew up with. All great fun in the park, foxes I chased to the bushes, squirrels and birds. Good memories.

Must say the trip was long and boring, but safer and less stressful than flying. Thanks to my human that He chose to ride with me instead of dropping me into the cage and fly me over in the cargo space. I don’t know how i would survive that.

Becouse we live in the countryside every trip we take now has a breathtaking views, we don’t have to go anywhere far to actualy have something nice to do.

Now is winter so mushroom picking is not an option. But in this part of Poland is a lot of snow. This winter is really nice. We have snow since begginning of December. Few days ago I had first experince with such a low temperatures that was almost impossible for me to go outside. I could stay there only for few minutes. My foot hurt so I couldn’t walk. I was over -29°C one day. Crazy.