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Shedding – Why Do Dogs Shed and How To Deal With It?

jack russell terrierHaving a Jack Russell Terrier as a pet is great. Dog makes you more active than you want to be, makes you smile a lot. Spring has arrived, weather is beautiful, you will spend more time outside playing with your Jack Russell. All is great but at this time your dog will change coat. That is right. I always thought indoor dogs will not shed as season change. Unfortunately they do. Charlie loses hair all year long, and this is normal for all dogs. Now, during season change she sheds a lot. I mean it. Hair is everywhere.

How bad it is?

In normal shedding process I can notice sometimes some hair around the sofa and on the floor. Twice a week hoovering is more than enough to keep house clear of any dogs hair. You can hug your Jack Russell even in black shirt – nothing happens.jack russell terrier shedding

In the process of seasonal shedding, that is different story. To be honest it will make You cry.  Charlie shakes off huge amount of hair. Don’t need to even hug her to have hair everywhere on all clothes. Sofa is unusable when I come back home from work. First hoover, then relax.

What to do?

This is quite big problem but there is few things that help me to go threw this hard time.

First of all brushing. Once a day with a Shedding Trimmer. That will reduce amount of hair around the house.jack russell terrier shedding

Good idea is to use nutrition. It may take some time until you find the right one for your Jack Russell, but with  the Vets help you will definitely find one. Charlie is getting tablets with marine sourced ingredients, a lot of Omega-3’s and other Acid supporting health skin and glossy coat.

Brushing toll for Jack Russell


There will be always some hair lying around. You have a dog, you have hair around. To make live easier i bought a special vacuum turbine tool. It removes all hair and dirt with no extra effort. Used to hoovering sofa took about 20+ minutes. Now takes very little time, is effort less, very effective and quick.

jack russell vacuum tools

Why do dogs shed?jack russell terrier

Sometimes dogs shed due to wrong diet, parasites, all kind of infections, Cancer, immune disease, trauma and stress, and sunburn. The last one is actually very common for Jack Russell Terrier. Any excessive shedding should be consulted with the Vet as it may be the symptom of some serious disease.