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Charlie visits vet for ear infection check

For last few days Charlie was shaking head. She was doing that while playing, eating or just lying down. This could mean ear infection. After checking both ears I couldn’t find any unusual skin colour, flaking inside the ear or excretion. Unfortunately Charlie kept doing it.

Jack Russell At the Vet

I called our new vet, reported the potential problem and got appointment for today.  You may have noticed already that my Jack Russell is pretty brave. Challenging Dear, foxes and being very protective.

jack russell hiding at the vet

When we got for our appointment she was so scared, didn’t want to enter the reception at first, then was sitting almost at the door so she could run away quickly. It took few minutes before she got closer to my sit and hide under my chair.She gave me few scary looks – was almost saying – please don’t live me here.

Jack russell please help me

She was always very comfortable with vet even during vaccination. One day she broke 5th claw at the rear paw and it had to be removed. Unfortunately our previous vet didn’t judge this right and pulled the claw which was still pretty firmly attached. It was really painful for Charlie and since then any vet visit is quite a challenge for both of us.

Jack russell yummy treat

After this scary time when we got back home she did get some yummy chocolate for dogs and very quickly forgot about all the stress.