New Home, new Life :)


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Jack Russell Terrier in Poland

I live in Poland now and I like it:)


It’s been a while since my last post but quite a lot was going on. For example i just got a new home. That is right! I don’t live in London any more. Now I have nice and cosy house  in lesser Poland. With big garden, interesting neighbors (they bark a lot but after a while I noticed there is plenty to bark at;)) and stunning views at Tatra mountains, Babia Góra and much more. There is ski lift near by too. Seems very popular as many people comes around at this time of the year – means even more to bark at.

I have to say  I liked London and I’m missing friends I grew up with. All great fun in the park, foxes I chased to the bushes, squirrels and birds. Good memories.

Must say the trip was long and boring, but safer and less stressful than flying. Thanks to my human that He chose to ride Continue reading


Jack Russell Terrier shedding


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Shedding – Why Do Dogs Shed and How To Deal With It?

jack russell terrierHaving a Jack Russell Terrier as a pet is great. Dog makes you more active than you want to be, makes you smile a lot. Spring has arrived, weather is beautiful, you will spend more time outside playing with your Jack Russell. All is great but at this time your dog will change coat. That is right. I always thought indoor dogs will not shed as season change. Unfortunately they do. Charlie loses hair all year long, and this is normal for all dogs. Now, during season change she sheds a lot. I mean it. Hair is everywhere.

How bad it is?

In normal shedding process I can notice sometimes some hair around the sofa and on the floor. Twice a week hoovering is more than enough to keep house clear of any dogs hair. You can hug your Jack Russell even in black shirt – nothing happens.jack russell terrier shedding

In the process of seasonal shedding, that is different story. To be honest it will make You cry.  Charlie shakes off huge amount of hair. Don’t need to even hug her to have hair everywhere on all clothes. Sofa is unusable when I come back home from work. First hoover, then relax.

What to do?

This is quite big problem but there is few things that help me to go threw this hard time.

First of all brushing. Once a day with a Shedding Trimmer. That will reduce amount of hair around the house.jack russell terrier shedding

Good idea is to use nutrition. Continue reading

Vet visit with Jack Russell Terrier


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Charlie visits vet for ear infection check

For last few days Charlie was shaking head. She was doing that while playing, eating or just lying down. This could mean ear infection. After checking both ears I couldn’t find any unusual skin colour, flaking inside the ear or excretion. Unfortunately Charlie kept doing it.

Jack Russell At the Vet

I called our new vet, reported the potential problem and got appointment for today.  You may have noticed already that my Jack Russell is pretty brave. Challenging Dear, foxes and being very protective.

jack russell hiding at the vet

When we got for our appointment she was so scared, didn’t want to enter the reception at first, then was sitting almost at the door so she could run away quickly. It took few minutes before she got closer to Continue reading


Richmond Park Walk with Jack Russell Terrier


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This gallery contains 13 photos.

Wild Fun in Richmond Park with Jack Russell Terrier

Continue reading

Sunny Sunday with Jack Russell


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Jack Russell Wandle Park walk

Today we had a pretty nice day walking around Wandle River and visiting few near by parks. In the wild area Charlie saw a hunting cat and started to sneak as close as possible.

jack Russell sneaking

Few minutes later she found an egg on the grass, left alone, could be a duck egg but I’m not sure.

Jack russell found egg

It was a very nice day and long walk. Tired she got a comfortable position on the sofa and had a sweet little nap.jack russell afternoon nap

Nice day at work


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Driving around London with Jack Russell

Jack russell charlie driving in london

Today at work I had easy day. Not much was happening  so I decided to take Charlie with me. I took her bed, bowl of food and water and of we went for a ride around South West London. Unfortunately was raining almost all day so we couldn’t go anywhere to have a proper walk. Our short stop at Battersea Park was quick and very wet.

Weather is terrible

Going for a ride with me it’s better than sit all day at home and wait until someone comes back from work. After few hours Charlie got bored and started chewing some paper.

Charlie eating paper

On the way back  she could’t wait till we get there.

Where are we going?